Quirky Rides imports JDM (Japanese Domestic Market) cars and vehicles to order for use in movies, TV, promotional projects and private sale.

We specialise in 660cc “Kei” car imports for private sale, and any other JDM cars our customers want. We also register imported cars with the DVLA for UK road use, whether imported by us or by you.

We have a particular interest in Japanese “Retro Future” cars and any vehicle that’s visually interesting or unusual.

If it’s quirky and has wheels, we’ll like it!

The 1950s Fuji Cabin exemplifies quirky Japanese car styling

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The #BrubakerBox is so-called because the #design was by #CurtisBrubaker & it looks like a box Based on a #VW #Beetle chassis it has a belated claim to be the 1st #MiniVan #1970s #quirky #KitCar

Ever heard of the #Lamborghini #Islero from 1969? Only 100 of these 4ltr #V12 engined #cars were made 0-60 in 6.2 seconds 345bhp & 161mph #1960s #Lambo

This is the #AlfaRomeo #Navajo concept #designed by #MarcelloGandini in 1976 It couldn't have come from any decade except the #1970s! #Wedge

Now here's a #quirky homemade #car you probably won't have seen before Made in #Siberia in the #1970s It has a 1200cc #Zaporozhets engine It doesn't seem to have a name so maybe you can suggest one? 🧐😁

The #Swedish πŸ‡ΈπŸ‡ͺ #Volvo P444 from the late #1950s is #cool at over 60 years old & an affordable #classiccar if you can find a good one

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