We like quirky cars & bonkers vehicles.

We have a particular interest in Japanese “Retro Future” cars and any vehicle that’s visually interesting or unusual.

If it’s quirky and has wheels, we’ll like it!

Occasional supplier of ridiculous vehicles for movies, TV and promotional purposes.

The Peel P50 “The World’s Smallest Production Car”

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This is the #Russian SMZ "#Invalidka/#инвалидка" #Cyclecar provided free for people with disabilities by the #Soviet state system Made from #1970s-#1990s #Photography by #Oldcam #quirky

This is the #quirky #NAMI 013 "#Chita" A #Russian/#Soviet rear-engined people carrier concept with capacity for 6 & a 2 speed gearbox from the late #1940s-early #1950s NAMI actually made some really interesting #cars

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