We like quirky cars & bonkers vehicles.

Quirky Rides acquires and supplies quirky cars and other odd and amazing vehicles for movies, TV, advertising and promotional projects and to order for private sale. We keep a selection of outrageous vehicles in stock.

Recent Quirky Rides film and TV project clients have included Warner Brothers, Romanoff Productions and the BBC.

We have an active vehicle import/export business with a recent emphasis on Eastern European “Cold War” cars and Japanese “Retro Future” cars.

If it’s quirky and has wheels, we’ll like it!

The Peel P50 “The World’s Smallest Production Car”

Our Twitter feed @QuirkyRides has become a well-established social media presence. We write and publish a periodic blog, which we publish here.

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This 1948 #Porsche 356 is the 45th example made & is therefore #Austrian 🇦🇹 having been made in #Gmünd before production moved to #Germany This thing of #quirky beauty has a 35bhp air-cooled engine

The #Ikenga #GT MkIII is based on a #McLaren M1B chassis & has a #V8 producing 325bhp & 162mph Only 1 made & believed to be in the Middle East Had TV & rearview camera Collision warning & road telematics & parking sensors (in the #1960s)

Imagine you're looking for an #ElectricVehicle & the choice was between the new #Citroën #Ami #EV & the 1972 #Fiat City #car which would you choose on the assumption they both have identical performance (yes, we know they don't but which #design do you prefer?)

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