Zastava 750 Pickup 1970 (MOT & Road Tax Exempt Historical Vehicle)

Our Zastava 750 pickup (the Yugoslav equivalent of the Fiat 600d) is one of a kind. You won’t see many, if any, Zastava pickups this side of the Balkans and none at all with a paint job like this one.

The Zastava 750, or “Fico” is the Yugoslav (as was) equivalent of the Fiat 600. This car has an MOT and is fully registered for UK road use.

This car is ideal as a promotional vehicle or show car; it’s one of those “once seen, never forgotten” vehicles. When we take it to shows it gets more attention that most supercars because of its unique and quirky nature.

It’s quite a well-known car and seems to have spent some years of its life wandering around the internet being advertised for sale. We bought it 4 years ago. All it needed was some mechanical TLC and UK registration; it has now had the benefit of both.

We’ve driven it to and from local shows without a problem although we’d caution against long-distance journeys on motorways unless you’re an adrenalin junky who doesn’t mind being tailgated by articulated lorries. It’s not (yet) a daily driver but you could make it so if you wanted to.

The car is very solid and rust-free. Mechanically it starts, drives and stops. As a 50 year old car it obviously doesn’t drive like it’s new, which would be a bit much to expect, but it’s a car that’ll increase in value if its properly looked-after. It easier to maintain that the Fiat 600 equivalent as it has an alternator not a generator. Generators are hard to find and expensive and whilst the original alternators for this car are also hard to find you can use alternative (and better) Yugo alternators that are readily available on eBay and elsewhere.

If you have a business that needs advertising this little pickup is ideal. It was used in Hungary to advertise a catering company. You’ll never see anything like this again, and nobody will forget it once they’ve seen it.

Price: £5995 with V5C.

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