Subaru Legacy Touring Wagon 2004 2.0 R Auto

This car was voted the ‘Japan Car of the Year’ for 2003-04. Part of the 4th generation Legacy series, the ‘B4’ has a 2.0 ltr DOHC petrol engine producing 163bhp, with automatic transmission.

This nice example has fewer than 50000 miles on the clock. It’s still on its way from Japan, but these often sell before they arrive. A 10% deposit secures any vehicle, returnable in the event the car is damaged or grossly misdescribed.

We have 30-40 photographs, including underside, wheels etc. if you’d like to see more detail.

According to the RAC: ‘Buying a used Subaru Legacy ought to be one of the safest purchases it’s possible to make. They enjoy a bulletproof reputation for reliability, they’re rarely – if ever – thrashed by their owners and they tend to cover modest mileages. All in all, a used Legacy is an outstandingly smart buy.’

This car is due in the UK around Christmas time, so ask Santa nicely. It beats a pair of socks as a present any day of the week.

Please be aware that we register an imported car with DVLA for UK road use at the point that you buy it so you’re the 1st UK owner. This process can take a few weeks. The only fee you pay in addition to the purchase price is 6 months road tax (or 12 months if you prefer).

Price: £3500 on the road.

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