Imports and Registrations

Quirky Rides has been importing and registering cars for quite a while, mainly and most recently some of the more unusual JDM cars from Japan.

We’ll be focussing on JDM cars going forward, especially but not exclusively “Kei” cars (660cc or less) having imported our fair share already. Economical to run, cheaper to import, easy to park, lots of quirky factor…..what’s not to like?

Whether you’re looking to import a “Kei” JDM car or something else with wheels from the East then please consider what we can do.

We specialise in acquiring quirky and unusual vehicles by having people physically present in the country of origin, mostly Japan, to place bids live at auction. They also provide:

  • photographs (by the auction house)
  • the auction report and checklist for the vehicle
  • auction report English translation.

So you get to see quite a bit of information about a vehicle to help you decide whether to place a bid. You also get up to the minute advice on the likely sale price of a vehicle you might be considering. You tell us how much you want to bid and we do the rest.

You will need to be in a position to pay the full cost of purchase and auction commission to us within 24 hours by BACS.

We handle the post auction processes such as:

  • getting your vehicle from auction to port
  • handling overseas export formalities
  • booking space on a vehicle carrier ship
  • keeping you informed of progress via ship tracking
  • handling the import processes including payment of import duty, VAT port clearance and HMRC NOVA clearance
  • logistics to collect or drive your vehicle from port to MOT garage
  • chassis MOT for DVLA registration
  • DVLA registration application

It takes 6-8 weeks to import a car to the UK from Japan, a little less from Singapore. You’ll be given a prospective arrival date as soon as your vehicle is booked aboard. You will need to be in a position to cover the estimated freight and import costs when your vehicle arrives dockside.


DVLA registration is part of the import service. We also provide an imported car registration service, even if you imported it or acquired your vehicle from someone else, but can’t fathom the complexities of the DVLA’s car import registration processes.

Please get in touch and talk to us.