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Quirky Cars for Sale and Hire

Here are a selection of past and present Quirky Rides. Unless they’re marked as “SOLD” they’re available for private sale or rental to film, media, promotions and other commercial customers.

We import JDM cars (Japanese Domestic Market) to order and also specialise in 1960s European cars. Quirky cars and other vehicles are ideal promotional and advertising vehicles. They’re often small, which makes them perfect for urban use.

Movie/film, TV, media, advertising and promotional companies please call direct for vehicle rental terms and costs or email

Fiat 600D 1963

1963 LHD Fiat 600d with beige nappa leather interior

This is the one that the Head Honcho really doesn’t want to sell!

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Zastava 750 Pickup 1970

1970 LHD Zastava 750 Pickup. One of a kind! Like a Fiat 600.

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Trabant P60s

Late 1950s P60 Trabant & Kombi. SOLD.

These were supplied for the Man from UNCLE movie and are pictured here at Leavesden Studios. They are now sold.

Toyota Will Cypha

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Nissan Cube (Can be driven without the use of legs)

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Daihatsu Midget 2

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Toyota Will Vi

Click here for more details (This car is now SOLD)

Toyota Will Vi Ragtop

For a detailed description of this car please read the preceding listing and just bear in mind that this one is the ragtop version, and you’ll look pretty cool driving this with the roof back on a sunny day.

Toyota Soarer Z 40 (Lexus SCV430)

  • Toyota Soarer Z40 (Lexus SCV 430)
  • Toyota Soarer Z40 Lexus SCV430

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Wartburg 311 1964

We owned this lovely Wartburg 311 twice. It appeared in the “Man from UNCLE” movie (see the YouTube clip below) but is now sold.

Enjoy this short trailer and see the same Wartburg in a car chase, doing a “donut dance” with a Trabant and crashing (you’ll be relieved to know there were 3 of these used in the movie, so this one wasn’t trashed)

Trabant 601 Kombi

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Fiat 500 Giardiniera

Two of our Fiat 500 Giardinieri & a Fiat 124 SOLD.

Toyota Will VS 2004

This Toyota Will VS is currently on its way to us from Japan and completes our lineup of Toyota Will models.

We’ll add details as we get them but we know this is a low-mileage example with a 1.8ltr engine.

What amazes us about these cars is the futuristic design language. The Renault Megane and Vauxhall Astra borrowed much from these cars but who’s ever heard of a Toyota Will VS? Well you have now, they attract particular attention and are hard to find so keep your eyes open for more information including arrival date and price.

Wartburg 353 “Knight”

One of the last of our cars from the Man From UNCLE movie (this was supplied as a static prop). The quirky 2 stroke, 3 cylinder Wartburg 353 was sold to a film production company so it’ll be interesting to see her back on the silver screen.

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