Toyota Will Vi

Here’s our lovely Toyota Will Vi, one of 2 we have; a quirky ride from a design-inspiring period in Japanese consumer design. The car was built in 2000 but you wouldn’t believe that to look at it or to drive it.

If you buy this car you’ll not only be driving a really nice, underused & reliable Toyota car, you’ll also be driving a rare piece of Japanese automotive history that will increase in value over time, not reduce. Use it as a daily driver or a weekend/show car. It’ll get lots of attention. It’s a car ahead of its time; very few were made & there are fewer than 20 of these in the UK

Parts, should it need any, are widely available & inexpensive as the Toyota Will Vi is based on the Yaris chassis and running gear, including the famously good 1298cc 2NZ-FE 1.3 L I4 DOHC VVT-i engine. The engine is lively & responsive as you’d expect from this low mileage example. 

It has automatic, column-mounted transmission and is absolutely lovely to drive.

It has air conditioning, central locking, electric front windows, remote release for boot and fuel filler cap & is hardwired for a dashcam, including reversing camera.

The retro interior is in excellent order & includes “Will” embossed mats. The rear seats are collapsible. This is really important: the car is completely original and is well looked-after! It still has its original “sand dollar” wheel trims, it’s properly carpeted. You simply won’t find a better or more original example. If this listing is being read by an aficionado/collector of Japanese cars, please bite our arm off now. You won’t regret it.

The beige bench seats are clean, comfortable and in very good condition as you’d expect from a low mileage car.

The speedo and odometer are measured in KM. An electronic “heads up display” can easily be acquired for less than £20 if you prefer MPH.

It has reverse parking sensors.

Japanese imports are routinely in much better condition that UK cars of a similar age. This is partly due to the lack of salt on Japanese roads and partly due to the Japanese culture of taking care of your own and others’ property. You rarely get door dings on Japanese imports. It’s a polite society. The cars are usually very clean too.

This car is now sold, but we can get you another like it

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