Toyota Will Cypha

Here’s our lovely Toyota Will Cypha; a quirky ride from a design-inspiring period in Japanese consumer design.

If you buy this car you’ll not only be driving a really nice, underused & reliable Toyota car, you’ll also be driving a rare piece of Japanese automotive history that will increase in value over time, not reduce. Use it as a daily driver or a weekend/show car. It’ll get lots of attention. It’s a car ahead of its time; its styling cues influenced the Vauxhall Astra and Renault Megane.

The car was built in 2003 but you wouldn’t believe that to look at it or to drive it.

We believe that the car had stood unused in Japan for a substantial period of time. This belief is due to the very low mileage, the perished but otherwise underused tyres and the ingrained dust & oxidisation on the paintwork that was evident when it arrived in the UK last November. 

We undertook the following work (invoice provided as part of sale).

  • New front brake pads
  • New rear shock absorber
  • New battery 
  • 4 new tyres 
  • Full service including spark plugs
  • Rear fog lamp fitted & wired (not a requirement in Japan)
  • Underside waxoiled (the Japanese don’t use salt on their roads so rust is much less common on Japanese imports)
  • Paint restoration

Parts, should it need any, are widely available & inexpensive as the Toyota Will Cypha is based on the Yaris chassis and running gear, including the famously good 1298cc 2NZ-FE 1.3 L I4 DOHC VVT-i engine. The engine is lively & responsive as you’d expect from this low mileage example. It has automatic transmission.

It has air conditioning, central locking, electric windows, electrically adjustable folding mirrors, remote release for boot and fuel filler cap & a digital dashboard.

The interior is in excellent order & includes “Will” embossed mats & heavy-duty rubber mats too. The rear seats are collapsible. Please see the distinctive circular design motifs in the interior, especially the dashboard layout and doors. This is really important: the car is completely original and is well looked-after! The unmarked wheel covers are embossed with the “” logo, it’s properly carpeted. You simply won’t find a better or more original example. If this listing is being read by an aficionado/collector of Japanese cars, please bite our arm off now. You won’t regret it.

The blue/black seats are clean, comfortable and in very good condition as you’d expect from a low mileage car.

The speedo and odometer are measured in KM. An electronic “heads up display” can easily be acquired from eBay & elsewhere for less than £20 if you prefer MPH.

It has reverse parking sensors.

The Toyota Will Cypha was one of the 1st cars to have a touch screen multimedia system, which still works perfectly (but it’s in Japanese). It has a working radio, minidisc, 6 CD multi player & SD card slot for mp3 files. The minidisc works nicely, the CD player we haven’t got our head round loading yet & the mp3 player works with the existing card but didn’t recognise a much higher capacity newer one that we tried. 

As with all Japanese imports the radios operate on a narrow FM frequency range so the only station you’ll get is Radio 2. However, we will provide a brand new bluetooth transmitter, free of charge, that enables you to play all media from your ‘phone: music apps like Spotify, iTunes etc. and online radio through the car’s audio via the bluetooth transmitter. The resultant sound quality is really nice & the car’s audio system is a good one. It also provides hands-free bluetooth ‘phone audio so you can receive calls on the move.

You could replace the audio header unit with a new one if you wanted to but that’s more expensive and will detract from the originality of what is a rare, important and increasingly valuable car in the UK.

The bodywork is very good. There is a minor dent on the left trailing edge of the rear door/leading edge of the wheel arch and a scratch to the corner of the front left valance. Both marks are not visible without close inspection and there is absolutely no rust anywhere.

Please note: The car is currently DVLA registered so all you have to do is tax & insure the car.

We have a big network of very good specialist insurers for Japanese imports we can point you in the direction of. Please ASK! It’ll save you potential hassle and cost. 

Japanese imports are routinely in much better condition that UK cars of a similar age. This is partly due to the lack of salt on Japanese roads and partly due to the Japanese culture of taking care of your own and others’ property. You rarely get door dings on Japanese imports. It’s a polite society. The cars are usually very clean too.

Price: £2500 on the road

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