Ssangyong Korando 1999

Very low mileage: 54250

1999 Ssangyong Korando 2.3 GLS Petrol Manual

54250 miles only & long MOT

Really rare in the UK

Includes private plate

A future classic that gets much attention at shows

Right Hand Drive

You won’t find a better one, if you can find one at all.

We provide quirky vehicles for film and TV and we use this 1999 Ssangyong Korando as a publicity vehicle whilst using it to tow light vehicles to client locations. We just used it to tow a Daihatsu Midget 2 on an A frame for film work and the Ssangyong got as much attention as the Midget.

This jeep’s not everyone’s cup of tea with its long retro styling but for those of you who like something a bit unusual it’s an absolute peach. It’ll appreciate in value too. You just don’t see these in the UK now. We could import one from Korea but it’d be LHD, diesel, high miles, not as nice and £5k on the road.

This can be (and is) used as a daily driver. It’s RHD. It has a fully functional tow bar. We don’t know its towing capacity but we’ve never towed anything larger than a Trabant saloon with it. We haven’t used it off road.

It’s a sedate, comfortable drive. It’s a 5 speed manual with the Mercedes Benz 2.3 petrol engine and has the GLS spec. It’s a very low mileage example.

The bodywork is beautiful. It’s a long and quite imposing jeep in an unusual but really effective colour combination of mid and light metallic green. It has matching alloy wheels set off with ‘8 ball’ valve caps. People turn and look at this jeep as you drive by them, it’s a real eye-catcher.

The interior is spacious and comfortable. It’s in excellent condition. The rear seats fold forward for additional capacity. The dashboard is beautifully retro with its walnut-style trim. The audio system has very good sound quality and we use a bluetooth transmitter in the jeep to play music, or whatever, from our smart ‘phones. 

Under the bonnet sits the Mercedes 2.3 ltr petrol engine, everything is in good order and you can see it’s been well-looked after. We’ve replaced the gearbox, linkages, clutch and related parts so it has a new transmission system. We also replaced a fuel seal and the OVP relay.

It has a long MOT and starts reliably every time. We’re still using it so its current mileage of 54250 will increase a bit.


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