Nissan Skyline 350GT Premium 2005

If you’re thinking of screeching up and down the tarmac burning rubber in a Nissan Skyline, then you’re probably thinking of the Skyline 350z. This isn’t the 350z, it’s the Nissan Skyline GT Premium. It’s the kind of Skyline that a JDM drifting enthusiast would have when they need extra space for the kids, for example, or if they wanted a 4-door saloon instead of a 2 -door coupe.

It’s built on the same fundamentals as the 350z, though it has a 3.5 L VQ35DE V6 engine producing 315bhp, so it’s no pussy cat. It has 6-speed automatic transmission and more toys than a spoilt child. You can drop the kids off at school in it and then burn off the local Cops on the way home like you’re playing Gran Turismo.

This is a really nice example of the Nissan Skyline GT Premium too. It has very low mileage (50000) and is in really nice exterior and interior condition. It’s a top spec model (being the Premium).

Many of our cars sell before they arrive in the UK from Japan. A 10% deposit secures any car and is returnable in the event the car is damaged or grossly misdescribed. This car is UK registered so you can just drive your newly registered Skyline away with you.

Price: £3500

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