Nissan Cube ‘Gen 2’ 2007 Black Low Mileage

The Nissan Cube has a devoted following. Most of ours sell before they’ve even rolled off the ship from Japan.

Nissan Cube (2nd Generation)

You have to be comfortable with the Nissan Cube’s quirky looks, but they’re not as rare now as they once were. That “once seen, never forgotten” boxy body translates into loads of interior space. The Cube is rightly listed as one of the 50 most influential car designs of recent times.

We only import hand-picked cars. It looks and drives as if it were made in the last couple of years. Don’t forget: only 58,000 miles on the clock! And this one has the 1500cc engine.

The engine (remember 58,000 miles!) is Nissan’s DBA YZ11 1.5ltr petrol used in the Micra. It’s lively and responsive. The automatic, column-mounted, transmission is smooth. It’s an easy car to drive with excellent all-round visibility.

It has electrically adjustable & retractable mirrors, fuel filler cap button, central locking, electric windows.

This car has a multimedia audio system, including a CD multichanger and a DVD player, both of which work. It also includes touch screen satnav (won’t work here). As with all Japanese imports the radios operate on a narrow FM frequency range so the only station you’ll get is Radio 2. However, we’ll supply a brand new bluetooth transmitter that enables you to play all media from your ‘phone: music apps like Spotify, iTunes etc. and online radio through the car’s audio via the bluetooth transmitter. The resultant sound quality is really nice & the car’s audio system is a good one. It also provides hands-free bluetooth ‘phone audio so you can use your ‘phone, when it’s safe to do so, on the move.

There is masses of interior space. Collapse the rear seats and see just how huge the amount of space is.

The speedo and odometer are in KM but a “headsup display unit” will cost you less than £20 if you need to see things in MPH.

The bodywork is very, very good. There is absolutely no rust anywhere.

Parts and maintenance are no problem as the Cube is based on Nissan Micra mechanicals and running gear.

Please note: The car is currently on its way to the UK, scheduled to arrive in mid-October and is therefore not yet DVLA registered. In other words, the buyer of this car will be its 1st listed UK owner. As soon as the car is paid for we’ll apply for registration, which usually takes the DVLA a couple of weeks and you will receive a V5C in your name. We’ll supply & fit registration plates so all you have to do is tax & insure the car.

We have a network of very good specialist insurers for Japanese imports we can point you in the direction of. Please ASK! It’ll save you potential hassle and cost. 

Japanese imports are routinely in much better condition that UK cars of a similar age. This is partly due to the lack of salt on Japanese roads and partly due to the Japanese culture of taking care of your own and others’ property. You rarely get door dings on Japanese imports. It’s a polite society. The cars are usually very clean too.

Price: POA

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