2007 Toyota Porte 1.5

Just in from Japan this funky little Toyota Porte mini MPV turns heads wherever we drive it. No-one here has seen one before and you can see their brain cogs whirring as they stare at it thinking “is it a……….dunno”. It has that effect on people, in a nice kind of way.

It drives really well. Very nippy with its Toyota 1.5 VVTi engine and automatic transmission. It flew through its MOT test with not a single advisory. Perhaps that’s not surprising; it has only 45000 miles on the clock.

The most obvious feature of this car is the huge onside sliding passenger door that can be operated remotely from the key fob or by pressing a button on the dashboard. Another interesting feature is the configurable internal space/seating and the multiplicity of nooks and crannies for storing all manner of bottles, cups and other journey essentials.

The Toyota Porte is based on Yaris mechanicals so servicing and spares are never going to be a problem. Added to that the legendary reliability of the 1.5 L 1NZ-FE I4 petrol engine and you’ve got a good thing going.

A great little family car!